Google Small Business

Connecting small businesses across America

As part of an ongoing multi-year engagement we help Google Small Business strengthen their community by working to connect local business with their customers across America.

Local haunts make our cities and towns feel like home. For owners of those small businesses, technology is one of the most effective ways to grow, but few are digitally fluent. So the Google Get Your Business Online (GYBO) team came to us with a challenge: Create a site that lets owners easily claim their small business and establish their online presence.

But online visibility is just the first step. Owning a small business is often a lonely, all-consuming pursuit with very little guidance or advice available to those who venture forth. That’s why the Google Small Business Community team wanted to use technology to support small businesses further. Why not also connect the small businesses across America so they could learn from one another?

As part of an ongoing engagement, we designed and developed a platform that generated 29,856 unique websites—one for each city in America—with custom content targeted by location. Our roles included managing the website, designing and launching new features, as well as helping to create seasonal campaigns.

Millions of small businesses put themselves on the map, while 29,856 unique websites (with 29,856 unique logos) gave each town in America a place online.

The Google Small Business Community grew from zero to over 3.3M members, uniting and empowering small business owners across the country.

For our Google teams, each of these solutions where built with easy customization and scalability. Although this posed a significant design challenge, it allowed Google to use assets without relying on a drawn out production process that would greatly slow pace and effectiveness. By setting this requirement from the beginning, we only investigated solutions we knew could scale.