We exist to put technology and design in the service of people.

Nelson Cash is a design studio committed to creating innovative systems, experiences, digital and physical products, and tools for organizations of all sizes.

Our expertise helps companies and founders envision the future by designing the next great thing and transforming business by getting to market rapidly.

We’re aligned by our common purpose and desire to innovate.

  • Product

    All great products are remarkable experiences. We bring digital and physical products to life—working from definition to development, using an insight-driven, empathic, data-intelligent approach.

  • Brand

    Every product and service springs from a culture. We articulate the intent and character of an organization—applying that to offerings using a meaning-rich, evidence-informed, future-focused approach.

  • Community

    Design has always been about impact. We help companies apply design for purpose— producing design-lead programs that accelerate the progress of the most pressing issues of our generation.

Innovative business models lead to innovative solutions.

We help incubate new products and experiences. 

Join our Build Studio.

We’re fortunate to work with high-performing companies.

  • Google

    Product strategy, design, and development for new offerings and applications.

  • Alphabet

    Brand and product strategy, digital and industrial design for the next generation of Google Fiber.

  • The Tech Museum

    Brand strategy, design development, and naming for The Tech’s next 20 years.

  • Mercari

    Brand development, product design, design systems, and engineering,

  • FICO

    Data visualization, design systems, and brand development.

  • Netflix

    Experimentation and digital concept development for Stranger Things.

  • Asana

    Strategy, design, and prototyping of an interactive tour to give people a taste of Asana.

  • Consider

    Brand development, design language, and UX and UI design for a new communication product.

  • Lean In

    Brand strategy, brand identity, brand book, website design, and development.

  • WILD

    Brand definition, product strategy, UX and UI design for a new cloud-based VR product.

  • FiftyThree

    Audience definition, messaging pillars, onboarding strategy, and website design for Paper and Paste.

  • Evernote

    Product strategy, user experience and design for the end-to-end small business experience.