My LaCroix

A LaCroix flavor for everyone

Once positioned as the “Anti-Perrier,” LaCroix is now a cultural icon and sales success story, fueled by a great product and striking packaging. Everyone has a favorite in LaCroix’s sprawling collection of 20+ flavors and colorful, 90s-style cans. But as ardent fans, we wondered, “What if everyone could make their own perfect LaCroix flavor?”

The flavor-generator was born out of our obsession and passion for the brand. A simple, whimsical interface enables site visitors to create their own bespoke flavor. As they personalize the name and can colors, all changes are mapped to the 3D can and rendered in the browser in real time. To achieve the 3D elements, we used an animation library called Three.js, which is a framework for the WebGL API that lets you render 3D motions in a browser without coding each function from scratch. Once the flavor is distilled to digital, users click “flavorize” to share their idea on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook as an animated GIF.

The results? Over 740,000 refreshing views and counting, with 1.3M people visiting our gallery of rotating cans.