Make It Stranger

Over 6 million custom titles

Inspired by the Netflix hit Stranger Things, Nelson Cash created a shareable type generator that allowed fans of all stripes to “strangify” themselves. By collecting data from the start, we ended up with not only an image gallery but a look at the way people think and act online.

In two weeks, we built and launched a custom title generator, which highlighted the iconic Stranger Things opening title sequence, made by Imaginary Forces. It enabled anyone who could tap, type, or dictate to create their own title and share it with their friends online—and so far they’ve done it 2.4 million times and counting.

There are no workflows or diagrams to tell you how to replicate viral success, but if everyone in your office is talking about something, chances are the rest of the world is, too. And people will go to great lengths to share their excitement. (Especially if it’s a little strange.)