Repositioning an industry leader

FICO, a legendary pioneer in the field of analytics software, continues today to help organizations across industries make better business and customer decisions powered by remarkable innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

From the invention of the first credit scoring system in 1958, to the innovative application of artificial intelligence 20 years ago, to the FICO digital decisioning platform of today, FICO has championed the indisputable power of data.

Our challenge was to create a single, unified brand framework on which we could build a brand presence for FICO’s business and enterprise offerings that was as recognizable as their Scores.

We engaged with the product and sales team and subject matter experts through a series of workshops to understand FICO’s complex offerings and customer needs. We then organized FICO’s 60+ offerings within a clear, customer-centric framework, providing sales and marketing teams with a consistent way to talk about their solutions at the highest level.

With a simplified brand architecture in place, we then set out to refresh the brand and create a dynamic system that would create a distinct visual identity for the four key categories that defined FICO’s deep expertise, from decision management to fraud protection.

The new identity provides unity across a complex brand, while creating a robust and adaptable system that can flex to meet the needs of both sales and marketing teams.

The photograph system strives to communicate more with less. From beautiful feats of architecture and engineering to personal moments of productivity and decision-making, brand photo library shows the power of creating clarity out of the complex.

Because FICO is such a large and complex organization, our graphic system is flexible and customizable enough to meet any need.

The inspiration for our system came from wayfinding signage in airports and train stations. These systems use classic design principles to help guide thousands of people every day.

The resulting brand refresh simply and visually tells the story of who FICO is today, yet provides a foundation for the innovative and future-facing analytics software company that FICO has been for 60+ years and will continue to be tomorrow.