Changing the course of email

Consider is an email startup on a bold mission: to fundamentally change the way we use email. The problem with email is that it hasn’t evolved in any significant way over the years - we’re still feverishly clicking that refresh button hoping for more. Instead of settling for the status quo, the Consider team developed three core principles to guide the creation of a new email client to keep heavy email users calm and focused.

We were brought in to design the product and build the brand. We started with a 2-day brand workshop with the two founders where we identified a brand archetype and laid the groundwork for their visual identity. We worked to connect the brand foundation with a new distinct visual identity and design language that captured the disruptive nature of Consider’s mission.

After defining a clear vision for the brand, we brought in the whole Consider team and held a series of workshops over a week-long collaboration session, tackling systems-level thinking as a unified team. Working together in tandem, we made long, efficient strides on product design and brand concepts every day, and the result was a powerful identity system with a fully integrated product and brand experience.