Three Scenes: Josh Liston (Jr. Designer)

josh_threescenes1 I was born in St. Joseph, Missouri, though I moved around from city to city and state to state during my younger years. So I guess you could say I was raised in the Quad Cities, Iowa along the beautiful, yet disgusting Mississippi. I’m a 90s kid who grew up watching Michael Jordan repeat the three peat. In ‘95, I witnessed the Green Ranger become the White Ranger. In ‘97, my best friend stole a Holographic Charizard for me from Jared H.’s locker, and in ‘98 I found a grey M&M, netting me a year’s supply of the delicious treat. Just when I thought life couldn’t get any better, I watched Tony Hawk land the first 900 in the 1999 X-Games. What has all this taught me? Anything is possible, and everything is inspiring.


My three scenes:


Why? Because sometimes you gotta take any rug in the house.


Why? You can be anything you want.


Why? Freddie Mercury, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Zombies.