Beer, food and cheer

IMG_7026 This past Sunday, the Nelson Cash crew teamed up with Paul Schneider of Chitown on Tap to introduce us to the wonderful world of homebrewing. Once we unloaded the car and hauled up what looked to be a lab that would make Walter White proud, we were ready to go.


It all started with a dream. A dream of creating a beer that we could call our very own. A long and arduous journey ensued, starting with a decision of what kind of beer to brew. After much deliberation and frustration (apparently choosing a beer style is much harder for us than agreeing on a creative direction) Kevin and Paul guided us to a Belgian Wit Bier with coriander and orange. On a side note, did you know that coriander is the same thing as cilantro? Who knew?! You say tomato, right?!


No word yet as to what we’re gonna name this beer, but some early ideas being overheard were Witty Nelson and Witty Harrelson. Anybody out there in the mighty Internet have any suggestions?

The boys from Spiteful Brewing joined our merry bunch with some GFY homebrew to tide us over as we undertook the deliberate process of brewing. Along with other homebrewer’s delicious libations, a wide variety of other craft beer was also present. Oh yeah, and some Schlitz crashed the party as well. That stuff made Milwaukee famous, you know.



Of course, any day that involves homebrewing and a gathering of smiling humans, delicious food is an absolute must. We gorged ourselves on homemade pretzels with beer cheese, homemade fried mac’n’cheese squares and some Cassoulet. Nobody left hungry.


Mixing and pouring and taking the temperature ruled the day.


Soon enough, it was time to taste our creation. Not to pat ourselves on the back or anything, but it was pretty, pretty, pretty good (all Paul’s doing, we mostly just drank and watched).


All that’s left now is to let it ferment for 8 weeks, keg it up and drink it down!

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