Operation TOMMY-day 2 (a.k.a. Projectile Scallops)

Day two in the Cream City was long and very interesting. After a productive day yesterday, we are still alive, but find ourselves in a new room. A boy named sue showed up unexpectedly and Roman rode a train like a hobo.



We holed up in the Sandbox (we were led to believe there would be a Wii) for the better part of 12 hours. Designing, mapping, thinking, arguing, presenting and ultimately figuring out the best way to present ourselves on our little corner of the Internet.


We will return to Chicago today. This city of beer barons, Harley’s and your Milwaukee Brewers has treated us well. It allowed us to focus almost entirely on the new nelsoncash.com and further strengthen our bond.

We ate well, we laughed… but most importantly, we learned that Link & seafood is no bueno.